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Hemingway Team Bios


Sal Sciarretta

Founder and President

There is much to be said for honed techniques and rich traditions. In the same way that finely crafted and highly prized Stradivari violins are being created using techniques from hundreds of years ago, modern homes are influenced and inspired by those that came before them.

It was in Minturno, Italy, that Hemingway Founder and President Salvatore Sciarretta acquired his passion and knowledge for home building, learning first-hand about quality craftsmanship and personal attention to fine detail. Moving to the United States and founding the firm in 1972, he later expanded his team to include son Peter Sciarretta and son-in-law Douglas Horn. “And the rest is history…” as they say.

Known as a “quality control freak,” (a true compliment in the field of home building), Sal is known for not leaving a punch list and for ensuring quality workmanship and complete client satisfaction. According to a colleague, “If something isn’t right, he’ll make the team rip it out and redo it. The work has to be impeccable, with no mistakes. We want to be proud of our custom-built homes and have them be of exceptional quality so that our clients are happy — that’s the most important thing.”